Grammar support videos – WH Questions

An important part of the Chasing Time English teaching and learning philosophy is to provide purposeful language learning materials in partnership with our narrative drama series.

To support this goal, we recently began production on a series of grammar focus videos. Each week on our YouTube channel, we will be providing a concise review of a specific grammar point. Many of these early videos will draw examples from the first season of the Fortune drama series.

This week we look at WH Questions, a common but sometimes misunderstood or misused question form. When we talk about WH Questions we refer to the forms – Who, When, Which, Why, Where. Each of these forms can be used in the past, present or future tense to ask for information.

One of the most common errors made by learners, and a feature often overlooked by inexperienced teachers is the difference between a SUBJECT question and an OBJECT question. The key difference between the two is the requirement of ‘do’ to signal an object question. For example a SUBJECT question may be: “What is your name?” whereas an example of an OBJECT question may be: “What do you like to eat for breakfast?”

Watch the following video to learn more useful information about the use of WH questions:

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